The Scorpion is equipped with a huge lithium battery pack. The capacity is well more than what a crew can use within a day. A general idea is the unit can make 8 pulls at maximum capacity without depleting the battery. The unit quickly charges over night.

The lithium battery manufacturer rates the batteries at a 10 year life. After 10 years, the battery capacity is estimated to only be at 80% of its original capacity. However 80% of a huge battery pack still is more than a day’s worth of pulling.

Yes the Scorpion may be hooked up to any 120V or 240V generator capable of outputting 3kW of power.

The charger will stop charging automatically but it is best practice to remove the charger cord when fully charged.

Absolutely. Batteries may be used to efficiently drive hydraulic pumps which reduces noise, emissions and maintenance.t

The money savings start almost immediately because the cost of the unit is comparable to its diesel counterpart. Plus going forward, there are no fuel cost and very low, if not non-existent maintenance costs.

Envoltz can retrofit any hydraulic piece of equipment and make it run with battery power. Email us a hydraulic schematic of your unit and we’ll quote you on a battery powered replacement.


Our patent pending levelwind design mechanically decouples the level wind from the drum. Since the levelwind and drum operate independently, rope spooling can be fine tuned and set to spool perfectly. As the drum turns, the computer measures how much the levelwind must move based on the input of rope size. Easy adjustments may be made at any time.

Yes you may change the cable size without any problems. Simply enter the rope diameter on the display screen and the levelwind will set itself up to spool the cable.

The Take-Up motor keeps constant tension on the drum. This is important in proper cable spooling. As the drum pull the cable in, the Take-Up motor resists the rotation causing tension to be increased on the cable as it spools. Vise-versa, when the drum pays out, the Take-Up motor pulls the cable off the drum and pushes it out the boom. There is no other cable puller on the market that can do that! This is especially helpful when the lowest amount of tension is desired while pulling the cable through the duct toward the conductor.


Yes a calibrated electronic load cell is used to accurately measure the load on the conductor. If a specific maximum tension is known, it may be preset on the display screen. Once the line pull reaches this value, the machine will cutoff and display a warning message prompting the user to address the issue.

Since our Scorpion pullers are so powerful, the maximum capacity may be more than what some companies prefer. Therefore we can derate the machine and provide an override button to use the full power in an emergency.


The puller data is automatically being recorded. The intervals at which they record may be modified on the display screen.

The actual data being recorded may be modified. However some examples of standard data are line pull, line speed, distance, time, GPS location, pull name, preset tension, battery capacity, amperage, motor temperature, and controller temperature.


Envoltz uses telematics as a way to remotely connect to each machine. If the unit is in an area with cell service, live data from the machine may be transmitted bidirectionally over the internet to and from a computer.

Telematics may be used for software updates and upgrades as well as simple functional modification if the customer requires.

Telematics may also be used for remote diagnosis and troubleshooting. This can be done in the field or in the yard as long as there is cell service.