An all-around machine improved all-around…

The RHINO 24k Rim Drive Puller is a versatile machine capable of pulling up to 24,000 lbs via friction reel drives. Load and adjust to any size reel with the push of a button. Maneuver the RHINO without a truck with a direct nose wheel drive.

Simple Components with no roller chain to reduce maintenance and down time. Advanced controls and display provided intuitive user interface, real time machine status, diagnostics, and remote operations. The Envoltz RHINO is an innovative multi-purpose workhorse. 


The EBW-12k is the most versatile underground puller in the industry. The telescoping boom is extendable to 12 ft below grade to  quickly reach your hole to pull without any additional cable routing equipment. Save time and money with the EBW-12k.

A direct drive bullwheel module provides the pulling power this hydraulic machine. It comes standard with a diesel engine or be electrified with the Envoltz E-Cell engine. With a high visibilty display for control and status along with a patented levelwind design for no cable fouling, the EBW-12k is a state of the art workhorse.


The  Scorpion 12K is the next step up in the all-electric scorpion line of underground pullers. It is equipped with the same advanced LITHIUM battery technology and safety standards as the scorpion 8K except with 50% more battery capacity.  The Scorpion 12K includes dual main drum drive motors and a longer rope capacity with substantial structural upgrades throughout the unit to hold up against the high force load at max pull.

Due to the efficiency of the lithium power the Scorpion 12 is still substantially smaller than that of a comparable machine.


The Scorpion 8K is the only  all-electric  underground puller in the industry.

LITHIUM POWER. The Scorpion 8K comes standard with a large capacity rechargeable lithium battery pack. ENVOLTZ only uses the highest quality and most advanced lithium NMC batteries. The total capacity far exceeds even the most demanding day’s work. It recharges quickly overnight and it is ready to go in the morning. You can even plug it into a truck’s inverter to charge while driving or on the jobsite.

Using electric power is so efficient, the Scorpion 8 size and weight is half that of a comparable machine. It can even be pulled with a pick-up truck.

Safety is our number one concern. There are no exposed electrical hazards and all wires are protected inside the steel tubing.  No more diesel noise or exhaust!